US provides intel to Pakistanis. It leaks?


A local security official in North Waziristan confirmed that Pakistani forces had raided the girls’ school after militants had abandoned it. A local tribal official, who, like the security official, spoke on the condition of anonymity, said it is common for insurgent groups to use schools and hospitals to manufacture weapons.
The gist of the article is creating the impression that US officials, with video and other evidence of bomb-making factories in a girl's school and another unspecified location, provide said evidence to Pakistani counterparts due in part to the unsuitability of drone-striking the targets with the expectation of high civilian casualties - but the bad guys are warned and move on.

1. Leaks happen.
2. Bad guys occasionally get spooked and move anyway, you have no idea why they did.
3. The Pakistani military/police/ISI isn't terribly hard to infiltrate, one would think.
4. Military/police/intel in many developing countries will recklessly telegraph their hits.

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