Bomb in turban kills 4.


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden under his turban on Thursday after entering a mosque here where hundreds of people had gathered to pay respects to President Hamid Karzai’s half brother, who was assassinated on Tuesday.
The bomber might have entered the mosque with the clergymen, taking advantage of the cover that they provided because imams are not searched, said Haji Mohammed Ehsan, a provincial council member who was near the blast. 

No need to drag out the old picture by the Danish cartoonist, just his website at http://turbanbomb.blogspot.com/
Turban Bomb - Middle-aged, grumpy, Danish blue collar conservative, Islamophobic, Gaia-raping climate denier flipping the bird at Islamization, socialism, greenie moonbattery, and stupidity in general.
What's the point in posting about this and opening myself up to charges of Islamophobia, hating Religion, hating Jews (just threw that in there, it seems just about anything can get you charged with Anti-Semitism from someone or other) or focusing on the "wrong" news to further advance my skewed viewpoint.

My point is that nothing is sacred when it comes to security. If you say it's wrong to search a 90-year-old grandmother for explosives I'll tell you that her religious fanatic grandkid wouldn't think twice of hiding a bomb in his senile grandmother's underwear. If you say a religious person's turban should be sacrosanct for security, I'm telling you not searching people's clothing for explosives leads to dead innocent civilians.

Same thing with people in uniform. Same thing with women in chadors or burqas.

Many of these Middle Eastern societies operate under a version of ingrained patriarchal authority (common in underdeveloped cultures/nations) where anyone who seems powerful or seems to belong where he or she is, is automatically assumed to be above suspicion. Appeal to authority - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_authority - a very common logical fallacy often expressed in this form:

"No, don't you know that's Mr. So-and-so? Just let him through."

This is not an argument against religion. By all means, feel free to practice your religion in the privacy of your home or place of worship as long as you're not needlessly hurting people (circumcision) or animals (letting fully conscious animals bleed out after you slit their throats) and keep your religion out of my security.

The point is that the people who will stick a bomb in a turban or a bomb up their rectum just to make a kill, will stop at nothing. They will sew explosives inside their bodies. They will find a way to swallow explosives and a detonator and then either crap it all out to set it up or just plain explode the bomb inside their bodies.

So it's all for nothing, since we can't stop these few techniques we should just arm everyone and let the chips fall where they may?

No. We should continue to develop more layered defenses and techniques while supporting economic development in the parts of the world that breeds these fanatics. We should work for an equitable solution to the wars and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that makes it so easy to recruit suicide bombers. We should work for neutral, responsible journalistic coverage by Al-Jazeera. We should work for democratically elected governments that don't shut down Twitter and Facebook, even if those governments turn out to be with the Muslim Brotherhood in power. And yes, intelligence efforts.



Don't do hard drugs. Thank you.

It's a waste of a human being. By all means, do what you want in the privacy of your own home as long as it doesn't severely adversely affect other human beings (or unnecessarily affect animals). Problem with things like suicide and hard drugs is that the effects go much further than just the person who does it. If you buy drugs you vote with your dollar to encourage the hard work done by the persons in the supply chain of that drug.
All the guns used by the drug smugglers.
All the killings done by the syndicates.
All the horrible things done to and by the drug smuggling couriers and the people who run them.

No joke: I had forgotten the name of the singer in the pictures, so I googled "singer trainwreck drugs rehab". It's Amy Winehouse.


Afghanistan then and now.

Kabul (click to enlarge)

Religion. Russians. Lack of education for kids and especially women. Massive demand for heroin and other drugs in the developed world. KABLOOIE!