Cult leader arrives in Spain. Israel bombs Gaza in retaliation for terror attacks.

Leader of the world's biggest cult.
Cult leader Pope Benedict the 16th arrived in Madrid today, at the Spanish taxpayers' expense. He brought his message of no condoms for Africans, no accountability for sex abuse by priests and rampant hypocrisy for the joy and benefit of the Spanish people.


Israeli jets pounded the Gaza strip in retaliation for militants (Hamas or Gazans or Egyptian something) opening fire on buses traveling in extreme Southern Israel, close to the Egyptian border and the Red Sea. I have no sympathy for Hamas - but inevitably civilians on both sides will suffer in conflicts like these. Pushing the people that live in Gaza further into extremism and hatred will just make things worse for Israel in the long run.

Simple Solution (tm):

  • 1967 borders, including through Jerusalem. Or Yerushaláyim or Al-Quds if you prefer.
  • Negotiated return for some, but not all, refugees. Give them back the property they left behind and start treating Arabs living inside the borders of Israel as equal in all aspects, including compulsory military service.
  • Crackdown on US organizations and individuals supplying money to settlers who insist on constructing on or taking over land on other people's property, i.e. West Bank religious nutcases and fanatics. It needs to be illegal to support these people and fund them, just as it needs to be illegal for people in the Gulf States and Arab/Muslim world to fund Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.
  • If you want to build a border fence or wall along the 1967 borders, go right ahead. If you want it to go elsewhere you'd better be prepared to offer something in return, be it money or land elsewhere.
  • Israel and Palestine and their neighbours can be either racially and religiously homogenous - or they can be democratic, not both. Sure there are grey areas. Egypt wants to call itself an Islamic democracy, but that's a contradiction in terms, just like the idea of a Jewish democratic state implies racial/religious cleansing.

Either case, compared to its neighbours the state of Israel is a shining light in the darkness of religious and ethnic persecution. The Arab and Muslim world is still stuck in the Dark Ages.

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