Libya is free. More good things coming. Maybe. Or possibly bad things.

Ghaddafi is on his last few blocks of Tripoli - the rebels are victorious, have captured his heir apparent and will presumably either drive out Ghaddafi or capture him. Or he'll be killed in a shootout or there'll be a siege or some drama. 
Live updates here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14610722

Ghaddafi no longer really matters - that's what's important. The future now becomes a hodge podge of tribal loyalties, religion, oil, money, mercenaries, weapons, desert, roads and all kinds of personalities. With a little luck things will go the way of Egypt and at least there'll be some sort of elections and expression of the will of the people. I'd rather deal with elected Muslim Brotherhood type people than unelected dictators.

Sic semper tyrannis.

More good things:
(Reuters) - Iran has cut back or even stopped its funding of Hamas after the Islamist movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, failed to show public support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, diplomats said on Sunday...
In a sign of a cash crunch, the Hamas government in Gaza has failed to pay the July salaries of its 40,000 employees in the civil service and security forces. Hamas leaders promised full payments in August, but not all employees received their wages as scheduled on Sunday.

In 2010, Hamas put its Gaza budget at $540 million, with local revenues from taxes on merchants and on goods brought in from Israel and through smuggling tunnels under the Egyptian border accounting for only $55 million.
With a bit of luck this'll force a moderation in a cash-crunched Hamas with less and less Iranian money to go around. You can't run a terror network largesse system costing $540 million per year with revenues of only $55 million. The numbers might be off by an order of magnitude, but the general direction of the development is hard to ignore. No more Iranian money - tons of trouble for Hamas, which is a good thing for the people of Gaza and the people of the Middle East as a whole.

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