Mexico. South America. Drugs & immigrants going North. Cash & guns going South.

Legalize marijuana. Tax the hell out of it. Start tracking guns properly and stop selling assault rifles except to duly licensed people who really need them (ranchers?). If you really need an assault rifle to protect yourself, your family and your property, then you should also have a license and have to present the weapon to your local sheriff or at least a notary every year.

Work harder to stop the flow of money, ammo and guns going south. Reduce barriers to trade to give the countries south of the border a more level playing field on which to compete in things like citrus, basic industries, legal crops (rice, wheat) and stop subsidizing industries that can't compete in the US without thievery from the pockets of the taxpayer. Your special interest community doesn't automatically have the right to have everyone else in society foot the bill for your protected way of life. Just because your parents were able to make a living farming doesn't automatically mean the rest of us should pay to make sure that it's still profitable for you to do so.

I don't know exactly how much of agricultural subsidies go to the big agri-business companies, but I don't think we're really supporting the mom-and-pop farmers that are so beloved and featured heavily in ads from this or that political action group.

The US seems to have to work very hard to make a dent in the trafficking of people going North. It's simply not cost-effective to completely seal the border. George W. Bush may have had it right in his immigration reform initiatives.

So-called "hard" drugs like heroin and cocaine and meth will have to remain illegal most likely. I'd love to be able to say that what you put into your body is your business, but fact is that this **** turns you into a raging, homicidal and robbing maniac that can only be stopped by a bullet, incarceration for the rest of your life or long and expensive treatment programs. Touch meth once and you're most likely going to be an unproductive member of society for the rest of your life, and you'll sell your child, kill innocent people or rob your own family just to get the money for one more hit.

If you want to cross the border you should have to provide finger prints and a DNA sample and be photographed. Sorry - you do not have a constitutional right to enter this country without providing law enforcement with the records to link you conclusively to any crime that you might commit.

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