Saving water. Xixi no banho. Women shaving their legs. Men shaving their faces.

Research has shown that one in three women leave the shower running while they shave their legs, wasting around 50 billion litres of water a year.
Are hairless legs really so terribly necessary at all times? Plenty of blame to go around for that one - half advertising, half society's need to judge women on their looks, half the big personal-care-products companies trying to make a buck. Ok, that turned into 150% but you get the point.

See a ways below for how much water can be wasted by men shaving every damn day and leaving the water running. Yes, I have been guilty of this and I'm looking for a better solution. I'm also guilty of leaving leaking faucets unrepaired for too long. Working on it.




9. Turn off the water after you wet your toothbrushThere is no need to keep the water running while brushing your teeth. Just wet your brush and fill a glass for mouth rinsing.

10. Rinse your razor in the sink
Fill the sink with a few inches of warm water. This will rinse your razor just as well as running water, with far less waste of water.

  •  Turning off the water while you brush your teeth can save
  • 4 gallons of water a minute.  That’s 200 gallons a week for
  • a family of four. 
  •  Turning off the water while you shave can save more than
  • 100 gallons of water a week.
  •  Fixing a leak can save 500 gallons of water each month.
  •  Every  toilet flush you eliminate can save between two and
  • seven gallons of water
  •  Taking showers instead of baths can save 30 gallons of
  • water.  Filling the bathtub uses about 50 gallons of water.
  •  Keeping your shower under 5 minutes can save up to 1000
  • gallons a month.
  •  Turning off water while shampooing and conditioning hair can save 50 gallons a week.
  •  Using a water-saving showerhead can save your family 500 gallons a week.
  •  Running your dishwasher and washing machine only when they are filled can save 1,000 gallons a month.
  •  Choosing a water-saving model when replacing a washing machine can save up to 20 gallons
  • per load.
  •  Using a hose nozzle and turning off the water while you wash your car can save more than 100
  • gallons of water.
  •  Choosing a low water use plant when replacing or adding a flower or shrub can save 550 gallons each year.
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