Tim Cook, new CEO of Apple, Inc. - may or may not be gay.


Tim Cook
Steve Jobs is out as head of Apple, Inc. Tim Cook is taking over - he's a workaholic who's always been intensely private about his personal life.

Internet tabloids are falling all over themselves trying to get him out of the closet and into the forefront of the gay agenda movement.

Tim Cook, Steve Jobs and... don't know.
Let him be. Let him get established and run a successful business. Let him do things the way he wants to do them. He knows what's best for him - further digging for dirt into his personal life could:

A. Reveal something no-one wants revealed.
B. Produce a backlash against Apple products worldwide.
C. Provide the gay agenda pushers with some limited political/publicity traction in the current American culture wars.

Is (C) above really so important that you're willing to jeopardize his company and his job in a worldwide business sense? Sure, transparency might be a great idea in the context of domestic American politics - we could use a little more of that.

But let's not force anyone out of any closet that they want to stay inside of. Until he starts doing some nasty evil crap, that is. Like some certain congressmen etc.

The people pushing for "outing" Tim Cook are shooting themselves, Apple and their own movement in the foot. Get a grip. Chill out. Let things happen in their own due time. Rush this and you can do all kinds of damage to Apple the company in the real world.

P.S. I'm straight. Don't really care what your preference is. What people do between consenting adults in the privacy of their home or club or hang-out is their business, not mine. If you want to change the law to allow same-sex marriage, by all means put it on the ballot and let's get some votes on it. If you want a civil right to civil unions I can see that being legitimate in a "No Discrimination" sort of way - but let's not force churches and religious organizations to perform same-sex weddings. Respect the beliefs of others and maybe they'll respect yours.

That said most of this debate seems to be rooted in religion. Yuck.

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