141 killed, 4 mln homeless - Opportunity to improve US image in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD, Sept.11 (Xinhua) -- At least 141 people have died and four million people have become homeless in the recent rains and floods that have hit the southern part of Pakistan since August, reported local TV channel Express on Sunday.

  • A few million dollars of food & sturdy shelters.
  • Tons of journalists and reporters from both inside and outside Pakistan.
  • Make sure the idiots who destroy the supplies due to them being from the US are properly documented and their images/names are freely available on Pakistani blogs and newspaper websites.

A few million to buy goodwill in Pakistan isn't much compared to the trillions spent trying to kill people and nation-build in Afghanistan - yet could conceivably do us all a massive favour in the long run.

But - it has to be publicized in perceived-neutral or domestically trusted news sources - i.e. the conspiracy theorist blogs, Al-Jazeera etc.

A scathing, sarcastic news piece about ignorant idiots destroying desperately needed food and supplies just because it happens to have "A Gift from the people of the USA" sticker on it - when it's actually "Made in China" would do wonders if it got enough exposure.

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