Bad decisions, bad politics - veto at the UN.


We're about to have a really bad veto go into effect at the UN in the next few days.
Following the tense meeting, a PA official joked: “Obama has obviously joined the Zionist movement.”

MK Ahmed Tibi, who is accompanying the PA delegation, condemned Obama’s position as “immoral.” Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior PLO official, accused the US Administration of applying “double standards” in dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict.
Obama has not joined the Zionist movement more than any recent President of the US has. Is there a double standard? Hell yes. Defensible borders for Israel but not for its neighbours. A right to statehood for Israel irrespective of the wishes of the native population in that area, or the other states nearby - but no such right for Palestine unless Israeli politicians approve, and some of them (Shas, etc) are not very nice people. Not quite terrorists like Hamas, but advocating aggressive settlement of West Bank and Gaza and demonizing Arabs and Moslems - who do quite well at making themselves look bad all on their own, thankyouverymuch.

Supporting Israel at all cost, with blank checks, has become a static pillar to which any politician that wants to get elected in the US must cling. No person neutral on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or any person favouring the Palestinian/Arab/Moslem side is going to get elected anytime soon to powerful positions in the US federal government. The Arabs and the Palestinians and the Moslems in America have done an absolutely horrible job at organizing themselves, lobbying and presenting a united front in the battle for money and votes in the American political system. The Jewish diaspora has done quite well in comparison.

Plus the Jewish faith is quite connected to the Christian faith. And Jewish people are usually White and kind of look like "normal" people. Arabs and Moslems - not so much. Kind of a bit more alien.

This isn't a problem with Obama - this is a problem with American political realities. That's about to shoot our efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia right in the foot. The world is about to get just a tiny little bit worse when that veto drops. Not a lot, but a little. It'll be a little easier to hate America. It'll be a little easier to make us look like the Evil Empire.

We're on the wrong side of history here. We're supporting the occupiers and the settlements and the rampant annexation of land that the Wall and the settlements have become. We've signed blank checks to solidify "realities on the ground" that should have never happened in the first place.

Or maybe the Palestinians will come to their senses and realize that their own quasi-terrorist corrupt leadership under Arafat, completely corrupt wholly-terrorist leadership under Hamas and just plain sort-of corrupt and inefficient under Abbas - is a whole lot worse than just asking for Israeli citizenship and total annexation would be. But that won't happen. The Palestinians are too proud and too stupid to realize that the Israeli model of governance and organization is vastly superior to their own, even with the understanding that any Arab Moslem with an Israeli passport is a second-class citizen.

But maybe there's hope for movement after all:

Israel has complained that the true aim of the Palestinians' U.N. bid is to isolate and delegitimize the Jewish state — a charge Abbas has denied.
(Note: isolating the Jewish state isn't really necessary - old Bibi and Shas have done very well in that department all on their own. You caused the settlements. You caused the state of occupation - well, long-term - the idiot Arabs caused most of the wars.) 

Netanyahu — a longtime hard-liner who reluctantly accepted the idea of a Palestinian state last year — called again this week for direct talks. However, he has rejected the Palestinian demand that all settlement construction be halted while talks on the future of the territories are held. Netanyahu has also said Israel will keep east Jerusalem and significant chunks of the West Bank, citing concerns that any territory Israel relinquishes might be used to launch attacks on the Jewish state.
While Netanyahu is enjoying Washington's backing at the U.N., he may soon face increased pressure from the U.S. and Europe to accept terms for negotiations that are acceptable to the Palestinians, said Moty Cristal, a former Israeli negotiator.
"The strategic goal of the Palestinians (at the U.N.) was to bring Israel to the negotiating table in a much weaker position," Cristal said. "They will to some extent achieve this goal. Europe and the U.S. will say (to Israel), 'we supported you in the U.N., therefore the payoff will be a clear negotiating process which will yield results.'"
Or maybe Abbas will just dissolve the PA and hand the keys over to the Israeli Defense Force. Honestly, if that were to happen and the idiots would stop attacking and provoking reprisals for a while - the average Palestinian worker/citizen/student would be ten times better off. Jobs, education, travel, opportunities, all that. Palestinian political culture is bankrupt - even without taking Hamas and the nuthead religious fanatics into account. But that doesn't mean they don't technically deserve the right to fuck up their political entity-state all on their own, if they so choose.


I'm pro-Israel. I think Israel is a shining light in the darkness of a very corrupt, backward, and fanatically religious Middle East.

I'm pro-Israel with 1967 borders and treating their neighbours with respect and letting refugees back to live where they used to live, and removing the settlers that they put in on their neighbours' territory.

I'm pro-Israel with them joining the nuclear Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Apparently the above opinions make me an Anti-Semite and anti-Israeli to many people. *shrug*

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