National/worldwide job board integration.

You need a job. Or your business needs employees.

It's hard to find out who's hiring for what and who's available for what position with what skills. There's a multitude of middle-men, recruiters, individuals, word-of-mouth, websites, job boards and whatnot - none of it integrated, everyone has a website that wants you to put in your information in their particular format.

You can spend 30 min inputting your information into one corporation's database only to find out that they have no open positions that fit you. Or one position.

A. Use the big impact profile-building things like USAjobs and LinkedIn, Facebook and (soon) Google Plus to import the information you need.

B. Centralize and build hub systems. The US federal, state and local governments need to stop building recruiting websites and start using stuff like LinkedIn, Indeed, USAjobs and get it all to work smoothly and integrally. I should be able to build ONE profile on ONE website and then just cruise around to see what I have a halfway decent chance at working at.

First step could be to have an "import from LinkedIn" button on USAjobs. Then "Indeed.com" profile. Then Facebook's multiple job-seeking applications.

C. Standardize résumés for greater machine-readability. This is not a place where your individual creativity and writing skills should shine. It needs to become easier to build a program or database that can easily search for résumés that sort of match what you need to fill a spot in a business. I should not be judged based on how damn good I am at paying someone to write a "Federal" or "tailored" résumé if I'm just a solid performer at working on machine X or doing service-job Y. Are you hiring me based on my ability to write résumés?? Wouldn't you rather have the person that can do the job - or be trained to do the job?

In an ideal world, you'd find yourself in need of a job, you'd type in your information, massage it, highlight stuff you want highlighted, send it to one place and the next morning there'd be a list of messages from all the companies looking for people like you, or people who could conceivably be trained to do what they want done. Or you'd find yourself in need of an auto-mechanic that speaks Arabic and has a background in teaching. Type your requirements in, get a list of people.

Obviously that's not gonna work anytime soon, and it's a bit too Big Brother-centralized and monopolistic and could lead to all kinds of issues, say I'm a bartender that just got out of the Army and I want to get hired on in a financial institution - they're not going to want me. But the system might spit out internships. Or entry-level stuff. And there'd be bugs and lying and cheating and all the other crap - but a little bit of integration between big players like Facebook, LinkedIn, USAjobs, Indeed.com etc would be a damn good thing in the meantime.

/rant off

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