Paul Simon - The Sound of Silence - 9/11 Ground Zero

Osama bin Laden is dead. Iraq is and was a mess but who knows what would have happened with Saddam still in charge. Afghanistan is mired in war and corruption and fanatical religious intolerance and drugs, but that's more due to a bankrupt culture, tribal relationships, lack of ethics and religion than anything else. Opium fields everywhere.

Pakistan is slightly less of a mess, maybe - there's an inevitability to the fact that people with decent access to the internet won't eventually understand that sending your sons to religious schools that teach hatred and intolerance and keeping your daughters away from education can't result in good things. But the Pakistani people have yet to get going on the whole uniformly paying taxes thing, a weak central government can't even enforce the law in the tribal areas - much less pull the people there out of the Dark Ages of religious fanaticism and tribal corruption.

Sure, things in the Middle East are still a mess but it's better than a year ago. Tyrants will fall. The internet will eventually lead to women in Saudi Arabia being allowed to drive and vote, and LGBT people everywhere being allowed to live, if still be discriminated against. Corruption will eventually fade away over the decades.

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