Steve Jobs may have killed himself with alternative medicine.


Steve Jobs
Jobs was a hippie back in the day, and a conventional medicine skeptic now. His reaction to the disease gave the disease time to spread.

Many mainstream media, including CNN, stated that Mr. Jobs might have spent as long as two years without proper (conventional) treatment.http://money.cnn.com/2008/03/02/...

While Mr. Jobs was trying all sorts of alternative mumbo-jumbo I won't even bother to go through as their failure is now sadly irrefutably proven, his tumor grew, and grew, and grew...

… and then it grew beyond control.

  • Jobs waited so long before seeking normal treatment that he had to undergo a Whipple procedure, losing his pancreas and whole duodenum in 2004. This was the first alarming sign that his disease had progressed beyond a compact primary.
Now, all of this is the speculations of an expert on the type of cancer in question, who "has very strong opinions on this issue" and has not had access to Mr. Jobs' medical records. So really, we don't know. But if you are diagnosed with cancer, get checked out and start educating yourself, with a skeptic, but open mind.

Hmmm... how to accomplish that - be both a skeptic and figure out who to trust when they say "alternative medicine is a placebo" and "Western medical science is just more drugs". Hard but possible.

You could always try looking for double-blind peer-reviewed studies and evidence.

As for the rest - great man, with some flaws, who did the world a favour mostly. Good on him.

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