What I would ask the Presidential candidates right now.

  1. Israel - what does the US get for our ~$30 billion per year of US taxpayers' money going to indirectly supporting the actions of Israel in Gaza and the West Bank? Do we really need to continue to invest in allies that treats its neighbours in these ways? Does the average American really need to pay to support discrimination based on race and religion in another country's armed forces? - How do you feel about Israeli nuclear weapons and whether or not they should receive American taxpayer funds while not a party to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty? - How do you feel about Iranian nuclear weapons, and what can and cannot be done to stop them? 
  2.  Gerrymandering - how do you feel that this impacts the polarization of American politics, gridlock in Washington, our cultural fabric and the American Way? What are you going to do about it? 
  3.  Junk Mail - do we really need to continue to accept random spam delivered into our private mailboxes every day? Shouldn't this be opt-in instead of opt-out? If I move into a new apartment and immediately get spam mail addressed to every single previous occupant "Or Current Resident" - should I not be able to allow my mail delivery person to drop it in the recycling bin that I provide expressly for such spam? Why do these companies have the right to force their product into my mailbox when I don't want it? 
  4.  Torture - have you ever been waterboarded (or anything close to it) and how do you feel about American forces doing it? Do you consider being put in stress positions and being forced to not sleep and listen to extremely loud music for hours and hours in solitary confinement to be torture? How do you feel about our allies, esp. Israel and Egypt and Saudi Arabia using these and similar tactics? Related - how do you feel about the Chinese and Japanese justice systems? 
  5. Guantanamo - are we all equal before the law, or do we just designate someone an "illegal combatant" and then no longer have to respect their "human rights"? Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States' support for religious schools in Pakistan and elsewhere? As well as American fundamentalist churches support for schools and settlers in Africa and Israel, resp.? 
  6.  Subsidies - What businesses and industries are too big to fail, or too important. Which, if any, deserve subsidizing by the American taxpayer? 
  7.  How will you combat corruption in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan? How do you feel about American Congresspersons and Senators not releasing their tax returns, and not making transparent their connections to big business and contributors? Do you feel that corporations have a right to freedom of speech? How do you feel about Citizens United? How will you combat pay-to-play politics, and near-anonymous TV advertising? How do you feel about the greater and greater monetization of American political races? 
  8.  Guns - do you feel that a society with more guns is safer? How do you feel about the NRA? Do you feel that it's up to Washington DC to tell Southern and Western states what they should and should not do with respect to gun ownership? How do you feel about internet gun sales? Gun shows? High-capacity magazines? 
  9.  Drugs - why is marijuana so much worse than alcohol? How much is the US responsible for the drug war in Mexico and Colombia? Why can we not stop the money and guns from going south?  
  10. Nanny-laws - how do you feel about massive sodas and Big Gulps and trans-fat bans and Bloomberg's crusade against things that take advantage of stupid people to make them fat and addicted and be a burden on the rest of society? 
  11.  How do you feel about offshore tax havens, money laundering, the rich taking advantage of tax legislation to pay less taxes than the average worker/cubicle dweller? How do you feel about welfare and paying people not to work, or paying them to have babies? 
  12.  How do you feel about driver's licenses without full-face pictures, or pictures with facemasks or full hijab/face covering? 
  13.  US Congress - how do you feel about the interests of rural America being dramatically overrepresented in the current iteration of the House of Representatives and the Senate? Does the US really need more than one Representative per million people, and more than one Senator per State? 
  14.  Should people in Washington DC be telling people in the border states what they should and should not do to combat illegal immigration happening on their southern borders? How do you feel about Illegal immigrants signing up for 5 years in the military, or contributing to society as firefighters, police, EMT/rescue or doctors? How will you stop money and guns from flowing South and contributing to the instability and crime in Mexico and the rest of Latin America? 
  15.  The MPAA and RIAA - do they deserve to have legislation custom-written for them, and then custom-enforced by American law enforcement, both inside and outside the country and on the internet? Is this really conducive to technical and artistic progress and innovation? Do we really need a music and radio and movie industry that's ruled by only a few corporations? Do we really need to export our brand of entertainment mega-business, forcing it down the throats of other countries? How do you feel about Copyleft and Kopimism. How about the pharmaceutical industry aggressively defending it's legislative and international interests, to the detriment of millions of poor people all over the world?
  16. Abortion - why or why not should a woman be allowed to abort an unborn child, and up to what point in the pregnancy?
  17. To what extent should the US taxpayers support religious schooling for Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other faiths? Where do you feel the line should be drawn between religion and state?
  18. Do you really believe that a person can become pregnant without having sex first, or that a person can walk on water, or that some dude received golden plates filled with "Reformed Egyptian" characters that was the literal word of god? Are the Jews really God's Chosen people, as opposed to all the other people on the planet? Who should be in charge of the areas known as Palestine/Israel/Judea-Samaria/West Bank-Gaza? Do refugees have a right to return? Was what happened to the Native American tribes a result of fair treatment, and what's that got to do with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?