Voting for someone, or against people?

Hi. I'm a registered Republican. My party is generally being led around by religious fanatics, tea party nutcases, the NRA, big money lobbying stuff like the RIAA, MPAA, Koch etc. (hmmm, wait a sec, I should look into that).

Over the last few weeks I've gradually changed my mind from Not Voting due to disgust at Obama's economic bailouts and disrespect for the people of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and how they try to deal with the problems along their southern border (which the federal government is trying to deal with also, but at great cost and effort only met with some success), and disgust at someone from a borderline cult religion (founded by a scam artist, google it and make up your own mind) with some rather questionable kow-towing to the extreme right-wing in the West Bank settler movement, and moderately questionable tax evasion history (which a person in his former positions should be expected to have done).

I'm not a huge fan of Obama. Bail outs. Ramming a rather perhaps decent health care program down the throats of an American people that simply... Don't. Want. That. The American people don't want someone to tell them they can't smoke cigarettes, or drink Big Gulps. But Mr. Bloomberg is right to say that this is a huge health hazard. The minor socialization of health care is perhaps very good for Americans. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea to force it on people. Yes, people are stupid and need to be told what to do. Witness lack of education, glorified crime and violence and stupidity.

I'm also no fan of Romney. Nice business background. Nice tax evasion and questionable practices, which is about par for the course for a man in his position, so no worries there. I'm very uncomfortable with US foreign policy, esp. in the Middle East, being dictated by West Bank settlers. Not that they're very much worse than our dictatorship allies in that same neighbourhood. I don't particularly care for his religion, but he's not that crazy fanatical about it, so no worries there either.

Then why am I voting against my own party?

Over the last few days I've been doing some research and looking at information I could glean from the websites, wikipedia articles, news sources and controversies surrounding the people on this list:


And I came to the conclusion that I want to vote, I have a stake in the outcome, but that I don't particularly want to vote FOR someone. I want to vote against:

Against my party being dragged along by religious nutcases.
Against the West Bank settlers, though to be fair I'd also like to vote against the dictatorships/racists/nutcases-with-money in the rest of the Middle East, i.e. the Arab states.
Against Fox so-called News.
Against the tea party.
Against the NRA and buying guns without background checks. Other than that I'm cool with states' rights on the rest of the gun issue.
Against torture and Guantanamo (yep, I realize Obama hasn't delivered on promises, but oh well).

I'd also like to vote against bail outs and excessive Democratic spending habits and not tracking tax evaders enough and having too many loopholes in the tax code for corporations and rich people and against lower class individuals paying a proportionately larger part of their income in taxes than better off individuals. I'd like to vote against tax havens overseas. I'd like to vote against changing your citizenship to avoid taxes. I'd like to vote for equal pay for equal work, no matter how many kids or whatever you have. I'd like to vote against giving incentives for people to pump out more kids when they're already on welfare or in difficult circumstances.

But on the whole, yeah, it turns out I'm voting more against what the GOP has become than I'm voting for Obama, etc.

So what about the Senate and House races? Why not vote along GOP lines there?

Because I don't want to push Congress further into the arms of the pro-life-at-all-cost religious people. Human life begins at conception. More or less. Depends on what you call "life". But I'm perfectly cool with you killing that life if you don't want it growing inside of you. Up to a point. A point somewhere around the stage where the kid is able to survive outside the mother without medical intervention and money and technology. By then it's a bit late, unless I suppose the mother's life was in danger.

Because I don't want to push Congress further into the pockets of the West Bank settlers and their version of what's good for Israel. Because I want less tax burden for the average joe and a higher burden for the people who are currently easily able to move their money overseas or exploit expenditures and charitable deductions and religious contributions for tax purposes. Religion should not be tax free. Because I can't stand Fox so-called News, the tea party and the NRA. Because I'd rather give Obama a bit more of an opportunity to do something about Guantanamo than I want to keep that place around for another 4 years. He won't succeed, but I'd rather he fail than the GOP not even try.

So yeah. I'm a fiscal conservative. I'm not religious. I think people are basically fairly stupid and need to take some personal responsibility. I'd rather tax the ever living hell out of marijuana than try to fight it. I want more money and resources for the IRS and a more easy-to-understand tax code that doesn't effectively put a higher burden on a secretary than her boss.

My ideal ticket would be Rice/Powell. Or possibly Rice/other smart centrist woman. But my ideal ticket is not available, so I'm voting against the stuff above.

I'm voting against the opponents of Obama (yuck, that makes me feel ill at ease) and whatstheirnames Democrats for House and Senate; and for women and GOP and a Libertarian who's anti-marijuana-prohibition for Alexandria City Council.

EDIT: Or not. I apparently registered to vote five days too late. Ouch. That'll teach me to make up my mind to vote earlier next time, since I'll have moved a few times by then.