"Good reasons to be humble" was too long of a name for this page. Some may be in Swedish or French. Google Translator is your friend if you're THAT concerned.

Good reasons to be VERY humble...
Rain, worn-out tires on the CJ-5 along south bank of Potomac River, saw the traffic jam late, pumping brakes, sliding sideways and stopping a few cm from car in front.
Tipping a waitress at a DC nightclub in loose change. I was a stupid no-social-skills college kid.
229 Doc Moser callout
Pecos msgs
- couch-moving fiasco
- movies
- colours
ATMA - wasting Hakai_No-Tenshi's time
Almost sideswiping Jeep 2/28/2004 on I-5 by 32nd Str exit in San Diego
CD-case with tons of good music forgotten in Enterprise rental car
Backing up same car at NFCU parking lot
Rakt genom rˆdljus i Niceville
Navscoleod: 2.5hrs late for watch
Destin Commons - almost pulling out in front of car with Corey Baughman in passenger seat
Near head-on collision leaving Niceville heading up to Dothan & CLT while fiddling with voice recorder.
Leaving Cayo Grande going to Yoga class at night, it's raining, chasing Tony & Corey and pulling out too far.
On way up to Las Vegas, not paying attention getting back on interstate - luckily a big passenger bus driver did.
P v‰gen till Heather fˆr fˆrsta gÂngen, p anfarten till 163an, ingen blick ˆver axeln = n‰stan sideswipe p en Chrysler cabriolet med en kille och en tjej i, sˆndag eftermiddag...
Bildˆrren l‰mnad ˆppen ˆver natten hos H. Jisses, alltsÂ. ƒr du inte klok?
Jagade idiotiska kvinnan lite fˆr hÂrt efter att hon kˆrt Ât fel hÂll i enkelriktade alley'n bakom Holland's Bicycles... det skall till att ha lagen och r‰tten p sin sida hela tiden utan att nÂgonsin ljuga fˆr poliser.
Första gången på ett tag när jag körde upp till Crossfit igen hösten 2007 från Coronado ung. kl 0420 - ingen bra koll på döda vinkeln och trött och missade två bilar i rad på avfarten I-5 till I-15.
Slamming brakes on I-5 on way back from Crossfit in the morning.
DSU - gaffeltruck, mot basketball mal. aj fan.
DSU - Diveheart first day trodde Creighton skulle klara av att kolla checkout-listan pa jobbet, han missade CO, XO och CDR Yawn. Morgonen darpa missade jag duty section turnover as DCPO. Dan efter det hade XO'n snackat med COMSUBDEVRON, det visade sig at PNSY star inte alls for USS Pensacola, och den ubaten finns inte, sa darfor kan inte ha nan MODALERT. Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard, daremot... aj fan.
Moderate Pronation ...istället för femton år av att tro att jag var en neutral runner
Pulling out in front of car after work.
Savage Defense 3.5 months after the patch.
Jävla helvetes-helg och tjejen samma skit som nere i florida.
DSU back deck of USNS Navajo de-brief zoned out, asked the wrong question.
Bit on an acct management phishing scam, had to replace passwords and whatnot.

Nihongo ga wakarimasen

Pistols - i.e., one-legged squats

Don't take my word for ANYTHING. Thou shalt educate THYSELF.

Two simple rules:
Trust NO-ONE, believe in NOTHING that anyone tells you ...until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.

End result: you always try to act appropriately and politely, yet are never caught unawares, and recover quickly.